An American breakfast (in hertzliya)

Sorry that it has been so long since I have cooked, I have only myself to blame… I discovered that I don’t really enjoy cooking that much and prefer making simple quick meals that are not interesting and definitely not worth writing about…

But since last night (and today) I quit my job, I suddenly have lots of free time on my hands. It also helps that Micky got a third degree burn on her leg a few days ago, and it also homebound. So out of boredom, today we decided to make bagels! (Following the recipe below)

The recipe says that to have fresh bagels at 8 am, one has to wake up at 5 am and start cooking!! Luckily, neither Micky nor I had that intention and instead planned on having them ready for  dinner. The part that takes the most time is letting the dough rise for an hour and a half. When it gets really big, we made it into 8 small balls that would eventually become the bagels.


After letting the balls rise as well, it is time to “shape” the bagels–to make the whole in the center.  It’s not quite as easy as it looks and most of our bagels became somewhat lopsided and misshapen :(. Turns out, what makes bagels different from bread is soaking them in this “water soak” which basically consists of water and sugar. All of a sudden, they become firmer and look and feel like a real bagel!


After this, they only need about 25 minutes in the oven and they are done!! We were doubtful at times, but they actually turned out delicious! I went out and got everyone locks and cream cheese and we had a true American breakfast (for dinner)!



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